Sam Iverson

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      • Title: PhD Candidate
      • Institution: Carleton University
      • Funding: NSERC, Molson Foundation, Weston Fellow

Thesis title: “Influence of life history variables on the population dynamics of the northern common eider in the face of rapid environmental change”.

Many Arctic vertebrates combine specific niche requirements with life history strategies that favor longevity over annual reproduction. Demographic buffering is thought to help animals endure in highly stochastic environments like the Arctic; however, over-reliance on a single trait can render species more vulnerable to rapid environmental change. Sam’s thesis will examine the demographic response of northern common eiders to traditional (harvest) and emerging population constraints occurring because of climate change (disease, predation). He will use field data and models to estimate and compare the impacts of perturbations to different life history variables (adult survival, juvenile survival, nest success). Sam jointed our research group in 2009. He has led community-based surveys of eider colonies throughout Hudson Strait with the help of Inuit partners. Sam is co-supervised by Dr. Mark Forbes at Carleton University.

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